Sungrow Signs Distribution Agreement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Al-Babtain LeBlanc

公開日 2023/01/28
Sungrow Power Supply 
Sungrow signed a strategic distribution agreement for PV inverter solutions with the reputed Al-Babtain Leblanc, further facilitating Saudi Vision 2030 ambitions to accelerate the energy transition and achieve sustainability goals, proven their level of commitment with the region.

The distribution agreement plays a vital role in positioning Al-Babtain LeBlanc as the "partner of choice" for the KSA market as a new distributor in the country for residential, commercial, and industrial solar energy products.

In line with its vision to develop a sustainable environment for a greener tomorrow, Al-Babtain LeBlanc, through innovative, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable quality serves to the best their valued customers in KSA. Together with Sungrow, Al-Babtain LeBlanc will meet a wide range of distributed applications with a comprehensive product portfolio covering commercial and industrial, residential, and hybrid market needs.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Saleh Al Bedaiwi, General Manager at Al-Babtain LeBlanc said, "Sungrow has profound and sustained research and high level of localization on the distributed market in the Middle East. The signing of the strategic distribution agreement with Sungrow will further deepen our cooperation relationship, it is hoped that we can cooperatively expand the distribution PV market of KSA and accelerate the local energy transition."

Mr. Alvin Shi, Managing Director of Sungrow MENA, said, "We appreciate Al-Babtain LeBlanc's support and trust. Sungrow always attaches great importance to the development of clean energy in MENA region, KSA takes prominent part. And we have been deeply cultivating in KSA market with advanced products, attentive service and professional local team. Together with Al-Babtain LeBlanc, we are looking forward to jointly shaping a greener KSA in the near future."

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