Antaisolar Supplied 2p Tracker for a 2GW Agrivoltaics Solar Farm in China

公開日 2022/12/15
Agrivoltaics achieves multiple uses on one land for agriculture and solar energy generation, a maximum of benefits for ecology and the economy. With a wealth of experience in solar plus agriculture, Antaisolar won the bid to provide 2p trackers for the first phase program of 175MW in a 2GW solar plant, bringing superior products and thoughtful service to the site.

The project utilized the multi-actuator single-axis independent tracking system - ANT Cloud. As one of Antaisolar's tracking systems, ANT-Cloud adopts the patented multi-actuator drive through electric synchronously, achieving nearly two times higher wind-resistance performance, compared to the ordinary design. Besides, ANT-Cloud supremes in strong terrain adaptability, which can cope with complex terrain conditions such as soft soil and undulating hills, ensuring high stability and reliability of the system. Working with large-size bifacial modules, the 2p tracker can further enhance power generation efficiency, constantly providing renewable energy for the region.

As the "backbone" of the power station, PV mounts product quality requires a higher standard to guarantee long-time service life. Antaisolar has been working in PV mounting field for more than 16 years and has formed a comprehensive testing system, strictly controlling the production and testing processes to ensure product quality. It is worth mentioning that the 2p tracker used in this project has passed all the tests with excellent performance at the beginning of its release, and obtained the IEC62817 certification issued by TüV North Germany.

As agrivoltaics solar farms require highly customized design, Antaisolar's experienced engineering team actively cooperated with the EPC team to optimize the main structure to meet the requirement of agriculture activities, achieving a higher stability and better project adaptability. Antaisolar excels in tailored-made design and is dedicated to being a problem solver with high efficiency.

The worldwide energy transformation is on the move. More land should be used to grow green economics while implementing its original usage, and this will need more professionals to get involved. Holding the mission of Raise a green world, Antaisolar is glad to offer patented technology, testable quality, and professional project design to accelerate the pace to a zero-carbon world.

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