Antaisolar Establishes New Global R&D Center in Europe

公開日 2022/08/11

Antaisolar established a global R&D center in Madrid, Spain, which is a new milestone for its technical R&D and business development and symbolizes a new chapter of Antaisolar's global layout.

This R&D center is the first overseas global R&D center of Antaisolar, based on the European sales center and global support center, and it is also the fourth global R&D center of Antaisolar after Shanghai, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou.

The initial team is composed of several senior R&D personnel, with experienced experts who have managed well-known companies in the solar industry, which reflects the importance Antaisolar attaches to the European and international markets.

Currently, this R&D center takes a strategic part in the development of Antaisolar's technology innovation, with research on the core algorithm of tracking systems, Wind Tunnel Test, etc. It is responsible for the R&D upgrade and technical management of multi-scene products including tracking systems and mounting systems, aiming to meet market demand and explore new technology routes.

Based in Europe and supporting global business, the new global R&D center will take advantage of the strong research atmosphere and talent resources in Europe, to optimize products, technologies, and services. In the future, Antaisolar will still insist on a future-oriented strategy and international vision, to help the global zero-carbon future and promote clean energy transformation.


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