GSL Energy LiFePO4 Batteries with Deye Hybrid Inverter Installed in the Philippines

公開日 2022/08/10
GSL Energy 
GSL Energy recently has successfully completed the 10Kwh hybrid solar energy storage system. This project was installed by a good workmanship professional engineer in Philippines, which is very clean. The engineer installed 2 units of GSL 48V 100Ah 3U LiFePO4 batteries and connected them in parallel. And then he connected GSL batteries with one unit of 5kva Deye hybrid inverter.

Since GSL batteries are compatible with Deye hybrid inverter by CANBUS, the client can easily check the battery parameters such as SOC, voltage, power via the display or APP of inverter.

GSL 48V 100Ah 3U LiFePO4 battery is made by 3.2V 100Ah grade A prismatic cells, which has more than 6500 cycles at 80%DOD. It supports 32 pieces in parallel operation at maximum. GSL ENERGY offers 15 years warranty for this high-quality lithium-ion battery.

"GSL batteries are great! Its performance is over my expectation because the system is working quite well at the moment. When I need technical support during installation, GSL team always provides prompt and professional suggestion. With such a good price and excellent performance, I'll recommend GSL to my friends who are interested as well for sure.", said by the engineer.

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