GSL Solar Storage System Successfully Installed in the Philippines

公開日 2022/06/29
GSL Energy 
GSL 24Kwh Rack Batteries Solar Storage System Was Installed Successfully in the Philippines.

Due to the high electricity bill, Mr. Job is trying to find the solar battery for home back up of his house. He has done a lot of research work before he placing his order, he watched some reviews and product testing videos on GSL power battery and was impressed of the inside quality and performance was true to the rated specification also. Finally, He decided to purchase the batteries from GSL Energy.

The system comes with 5pcs of 48V 100ah rack design batteries which are put in parallel to work with DEYE inverter. He even had a special aluminum enclosure made for the white cabinet. It looks more elegant. He was fully satisfied with the GSL batteries and when his friends see this installation, they are inspired to get this solar system too.

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