Clenergy Smart Solar + Digital EMS Supports the Creation of Zero CO2 Factories

公開日 2021/08/25
Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology 
Clenergy Smart Solar + Digital Energy Management solution (EMS) was launched at the right moment, contributing to lower carbon emissions with higher energy efficiency. The solution is applicable for various scenarios based on a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA), ranging from government institutions, public utilities, industrial parks to enterprises. This new avenue of real estate for solar coupled with digital cloud based management solutions delivers on multiple social and economic benefits.

In recent years, renewable energies are gaining momentum in response to the widespread awareness and directive towards carbon-neutrality worldwide, along with the accelerated transition of the energy mix and growing demands for more effective utilization of resources. This means optimized energy mix with greater efficiency is of paramount importance. The United Nations has also acknowledged renewable energy investments as one of the key affordable technologies to reach net zero.

Primarily, the solar PV system helps optimize the energy mix, with less dependence on traditional polluting energy sources. This, in turn, will significantly reduce the amount of emission of CO₂ while producing greener electricity at a lower rate. On the other hand, the Energy Management System that operates based on SCADA, IoT, big data, and an AI algorithm is a visual, customisible, with remote access cutting edge piece of technology which reduces the energy consumption while increasing efficiencies, with a dramatic reduction in operational costs.

The Clenergy Smart Solar + Digital Energy Management solution has been chosen for many enterprises across China, enabling them to manage factories and driving towards a zero CO₂ emission threshold during operations. We are glad to announce that another 3.4MW distributed rooftop project using this service has commenced operation.

The project was installed on the factory buildings of Panasonic Electronic Devices (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. (PEDJM), situated in Jiangmen city in Guangdong province, China, covering a total area of 25,000 square meters.

Based on its high energy demands, Clenergy provided an optimum solar power generating solution, which is projected to perform with a steady production capacity for the next 25 years.

Clenergy (Xiamen) Energy Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Clenergy, delivers turnkey engineering services, including the investigation, design, construction, operation, and maintenance throughout the project.

This project is expected to generate approximately 77.50 million kWh in the next 25 years, with the amount of CO₂ emissions falling by 77,268 tons.

Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy, stated: “Many enterprises are accelerating their efforts to achieve the net-zero goal. To zero out the CO₂ emissions is a long-term, arduous task that requires ambitious actions and continuous efforts across the globe. We are glad to work with PEDJM on this impressive project, providing them with eco-friendly, economical, and steady green- electricity at a lower cost. We hope that more companies view this opportunity to align themselves with doing the right thing for our planet, convert their roofs to solar production facilities and commitment towards a Zero CO₂ future.”

Being a renewable energy solution providers, Clenergy has been carrying forward a wide variety of environmental activities for a better planet. We will remain dedicated to global energy transformation for a carbon-neutral world through more advanced and cost-effective technologies.

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