Ingeteam and Solarpack Sign Agreement to Supply 200MVA to PV Plants

公開日 2019/07/31
Ingeteam Power Technology Energy  Solarpack 
Ingeteam has signed a framework agreement with Solarpack, by means of which both companies have agreed to supply 200MW of the Ingeteam Inverter Station solution to solar plants in Spain and Chile.

As well as the supply of equipment, the contract also includes its commissioning at the destination plants.

Ingeteam's Inverter Stations, in both the Skid and Skidless versions, include not only the photovoltaic inverters with 1500V technology, but also all the other components required to convert the DC electricity produced by the solar panels to AC, and from low voltage to medium voltage (transformer, switchgear, etc.). This solution is capable of supplying up to 7.2MW in medium voltage.

Moreover, Ingeteam will also supply its PPC (Power Plant Controller) system for each of the five solar plants coming within the framework agreement.

出所: Ingeteam

Ingeteam Power Technology Energy (ソーラーコンポーネント):
Solarpack (ソーラー施工):
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