DEGER Equips New Solar Park in Greece

公開日 2013/01/29
DEGER  CET Technology 

Jan. 28, 2013 - A 100 kilowatt solar park near the Greek city of Komotini has started operating. It is equipped with 10 DEGERtraker 9000NT tracking systems.

Solar energy is among the most important resources in Greece. Therefore, it is not surprising that photovoltaic energy is a source of hope for the Peleponnese peninsula in these times of economic depression. The solar park, which started operation near the city of Komotini in Eastern Greece, is now a small sign of hope for better times ahead.

The customer is the Technomechaniki Komotini company and the DEGERtraker were delivered by the CET Technology company located in Höchstadt near Nuremberg. Additionally, CET supported the on-site technicians during the installation. CET managing director Lothar Seifert: "Komotini is our first project with DEGER in Greece. Two further solar parks of this scale have already been approved. They will be built as soon as the funds have been released. We will use DEGERtrakers there, too."

Lothar Seifert: "We are very satisfied with the technology developed and supplied by DEGER. The price-performance ratio is excellent. The systems are robust, reliable, easy to install and technically up-to-date. We will continue to work with these systems in the future."



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