Risen Energy Signed a Contract for 50MW PV Facility in Vietnam

公開日 2018/10/10
Risen Energy 
Risen Energy recently announced that it has signed a contract with Surya Prakash Vietnam Energy Company Limited. 

The 50MW facility covered by this latest contract will be outfitted with 360W high-efficiency polycrystalline modules.

The project is on schedule to be connected to the grid on June 30, 2019, with expected average annual power generation of 81,429MWh. The electricity made available by the project will be provided to EVN, the Vietnamese state grid.

Liu Dong, general manager of Risen Energy Vietnam, said, "Following an in-depth analysis of the Vietnamese market and an on-site investigation of the project, we selected the most comprehensive and best-performing power generation solutions given the project's particulars, including the tracking systems, with an eye to increasing the ROI, while positioning the facility to be one that can act as a demonstration model for future such tracking systems. As we look further down the road, we expect to work closely with high-quality companies, including Surya Prakash, delivering more professional and reliable PV power generation solutions to the market."


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