Trina Solar Secures US$30 Million Credit Facility

公開日 2018/08/21
Trina Solar 
Trina Solar (Vietnam) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. recently signed a comprehensive bank-enterprise cooperation agreement and a credit facility agreement with VietinBank Bac Giang Branch in the province of Bac Giang, Vietnam. The US$30 million credit will be primarily used to fund and finance the production and operation of Trina Solar's plant in Vietnam.

VietinBank Head Office deputy General Manager and Executive Director Tran Minh Binh said, "We have witnessed Trina Solar plant's entire development journey from starting construction to going into mass production in Bac Giang. We at both the head office and the Bac Giang branch are confident in the partnership with Trina Solar, which is renowned for its operational efficiency and brand excellence. With the favorable new energy policies enacted by Vietnamese government, we have reasons to believe that Trina Solar will be a great success in Vietnam."


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