Ingeteam is Awarded the Supply of 620MW of PV Inverters to Australia

公開日 2018/06/19
Ingeteam Power Technology Energy 
Ingeteam has recently signed a number of contracts for supplies to photovoltaic plants in Australia.

The company is to supply a total of 377 central photovoltaic inverters, all with 1500 Vdc technology, with delivery now underway. These inverters, which are part of the INGECON SUN PowerMax B series family, are being sent to five large solar generation plants, totaling 620MW.

Moreover, Ingeteam has recently commissioned two solar plants totaling 146MW in the state of Queensland. These plants have also been equipped with 1500 Vdc PV inverters, integrated in the INGECON SUN CON40 power stations.

On the other hand, the company is set to commission another plant, with an output power of 119MW, for which it has supplied 25 Inverter Stations each equipped with seventy-five 1600kW inverters.


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