Q CELLS's Solar Modules to Power the Floating Solar System in the Netherlands

公開日 2018/04/10
Hanwha Q CELLS 
Hanwha Q CELLS will equip the floating photovoltaic system in the Netherlands with solar modules of its renowned Q CELLS product brand. 

Frans van Herwijnen MSc, Director of Drijvend Zonnepark Lingewaard B.V. said: "We are 100% convinced that our floating PV system will only be the starting point for many more successful floating solar projects in the Netherlands. Since our inland waterways have a surface of about 7.650 square kilometers, floating systems can have an important contribution in terms of increasing the renewable energy supply in the Netherlands."

Mr. Bram Reukers, Commercial Manager at Tenten Solar Zonnepanelen B.V. said: "We´re very happy to be developing and building this largest floating PV project in the Netherlands so far. In order to create long-term success with PV projects on the water, the quality and durability of the modules is a key factor. Therefore, we´re more than happy to be partnering with Q CELLS, who are world famous for their high performance and top quality solar modules."

"Benelux is one of Q CELLS´ key regions in 2018. We aim to become the market leading module supplier in the Netherlands and in Belgium this year," said Maengyoon Kim, EU Sales Head at Hanwha Q CELLS. He continued: "Therefore we´re more than happy to supply our high quality solar modules for the largest floating solar system in the Netherlands and we´d like to thank our partners for choosing Q CELLS."


Hanwha Q CELLS (ソーラーパネル): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/panel/772
Hanwha Q CELLS (ソーラー施工): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/installer/772
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