Seraphim and World Technology Supply Announced Long-term Partnership

公開日 2018/04/04
Seraphim Solar System 
Seraphim Energy Group and World Technology Supply Corp. announced long-term partnership in LAC solar market. Under this strategic cooperation, Seraphim will immediately begin to provide its solar panels to WTS. In the meantime, WTS will start local marketing campaigns to bring to consumer markets various types of products of Seraphim's. Both parties believe this powerful coalition will help to win a larger share of LAC solar market.

"It gives us great pleasure to start this exciting partnership with Seraphim. As a Tier 1 module maker, Seraphim is renowned for its high standards in products quality and professional services. We look forward to seeing the fruitful achievements of our cooperation in the future," said Ricardo López, Operations Director of WTS.

"We are happy to enter into a partnership with World Technology Supply, who is a very professional and reliable clean energy performer," said Jun Zhuge, CEO of Seraphim Energy Group. "Our cooperation isn't limited to module sales, but also co-branding in the local market. The LAC solar market is very promising and we are very confident, with the help of our excellent partners, to quickly rise and become a local market leader in the near future."


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