Sunrun Brings Solar Battery Service to Massachusetts

公開日 2018/03/12
Sunrun Inc is expanding its home solar battery service to Massachusetts.

"Americans want control over their energy future," said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. "Last year, Massachusetts had one of the highest outage rates in the country. Unfortunately, this number is increasing every year. Rooftop solar, together with a home battery, provides both reliable power and significant cost savings. Massachusetts has been a champion of innovative clean energy technologies, and Sunrun is delighted to bring our Brightbox home battery service to the Commonwealth. Brightbox offers Bay Staters a clean, affordable and resilient way to power their homes, even when the grid is down."

"Brightbox illustrates an energy future where Americans are offered cleaner, more resilient, and more affordable power choices," said Jurich. "Residential solar battery systems are an integral part of the solution to a struggling and aging centralized grid."

出所: SunRun

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