JA Solar Forms Partnership with Manitu Solar

公開日 2018/02/06
JA Solar  Manitu Solar 
JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that it has formed a partnership with Manitu Solar to expand its reach to the Eastern European markets. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Manitu Solar will distribute JA Solar's solar modules.

Mr. Norbert Nagy, CEO of Manitu Solar commented, "Manitu Solar works exclusively with global Tier-1 suppliers to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers. JA Solar has been well-recognized for its high conversion efficiency, high output and high reliability solar modules. Its business philosophy is highly compatible with ours. We believe that our cooperation will accelerate the deployment of green energy in Hungary and other Eastern European countries. "

Mr. Cao Bo, vice president of JA Solar, said, "JA Solar accounts for approximately 10% of the solar market globally. We have over 20 regional offices and facilities across the globe, providing solar products to more than 100 countries. We look forward to establishing long-term partnership with distributors with similar vision to further promote the development of green energy globally."


JA Solar (ソーラー素材): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/material/2236/ja-solar
JA Solar (ソーラーパネル): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/panel/2236/ja-solar
JA Solar (販売会社): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/seller/2236/ja-solar
Manitu Solar (販売会社): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/seller/82266/manitu-solar-1
Manitu Solar (ソーラー施工): https://jp.enfsolar.com/directory/installer/82266/manitu-solar-1
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