Sonnen Partners with Natural Solar

公開日 2017/11/07
Sonnen  Natural Solar 
Sonnen has teamed up with Natural Solar, to enter the Philippine and Malaysia.

"Sonnen always aims to offer clean affordable energy for all, that is our mission. Thus we are happy to announce also a lower budget version of our SonnenBatterie that aims at the average home in the Philippines and Malaysia, which often suffers daily grid failures", says Philipp Schröder, Managing Director and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. "The product will beat most other storage systems in price and will be available in the market of the Philippines and Malaysia by the end of March 2018".

"The potential for the high-end SonnenBatterie as well as the new SonnenBatterie compact are huge. The Philippines alone inhabit a population of 100 million people and a booming housing sector," says Chris Williams, CEO and Founder of Natural Solar."We aim to supply over 100.000 systems over the next 5 years and believe this has the potential to surpass the market size of Australia within the next 24 months".


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