Mandalay Homes与Sonnen达成合作

公開日 2017/10/16
Mandalay Homes and sonnen introduced a transformative innovation in home building and electricity grid design.

"Mandalay and Arizona Eco-Development have partnered to deploy a radical new residential master community design topology including clean energy generation, self-sufficiency and self-consumption via a smart energy storage system in combination with an efficient load profile and a sealed home, all anchored on intelligent grid interaction," said Blake Richetta, sonnen's Senior Vice President and head of the US Subsidiary. "This master planned Jasper community represents the single most significant innovation in how new homes can contribute to the decarbonization of our electricity grid. The 2,900 homes in which the sonnenCommunity will be deployed in Prescott Valley represent a true clean energy revolution, setting a new standard in energy efficient communities that will challenge the status-quo associated with the US electricity grid."

"A true renewable energy future is not possible for our society, or for any society, without the deployment of distributed energy storage resources that properly manage clean energy production, storage, grid usage, and home energy demand in an intelligent way, providing energy independence and true carbon neutral living," said Dave Everson, CEO and Founder of Mandalay Homes. "The Mandalay sonnenCommunity concept for Jasper, as well as for other Mandalay communities like Wickenburg Ranch and Timber Sky in Flagstaff, serve to inspire leaders in homebuilding to build zero-net-energy homes with solar, energy storage and other energy efficient design concepts, creating the energy efficient home of the future."

"Self-Consuming locally harvested sunlight energy, while collaborating with your neighbors and with the grid, to create a clean energy community, represents a transformational design concept for the US homebuilding industry," said Christoph Ostermann, Global CEO and founder of sonnen. "The large-scale Mandalay sonnenCommunity represents an evolution in residential construction in the United States and will forever alter how American builders, utilities, and regulators view distributed renewable energy resources on the grid and what it means to 'build green!' No one told Mandalay that they should do this, as no government regulation or subsidy creates a perfect business case for this level of eco-innovation. As such, Mandalay has proven itself as a true 'agent of change.'"

"Mandalay's vision is energy savings without sacrifice," said Geoff Ferrell, Chief Technology Officer at Mandalay Homes. "Therefore, it is imperative to deploy simple load shedding techniques, in a logical and routine fashion, without disrupting everyday comfort and behavior. Our energy modeling with sonnen proves that this is possible with existing technology, and therefore is within reach for virtually any US home builder."


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