Origis Energy Announces 32.5MW Solar Project for Georgetown University

公開日 2017/09/20
Origis Energy 
Origis Energy USA announced a Power Purchase Agreement to develop a 32.5MWAC solar power system for Georgetown University to be constructed in La Plata, Charles County, Maryland. 

"This strategic partnership with Origis supports Georgetown's carbon footprint reduction goals while providing long term energy price stability," said Robin Morey, Vice President, Planning and Facilities Management, Georgetown University.

"Our team is humbled to support Georgetown University's pursuit of environmental excellence and leadership," said Johan Vanhee, Managing Director, Business Development, Origis Energy. "We commend the University’s solar energy leadership in the nation’s capital and their mission to contribute to renewable energy intelligence globally."


Origis Energy (ソーラー施工): https://jp.enfsolar.com/origis-energy
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