Solaria Partners with CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital

公開日 2017/06/15
CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital and Solaria Corporation have formed a C-PACE financing partnership making the integration of solar technologies into the building skin more affordable. 

"We aim to partner with companies that are driving the adoption of innovative clean energy solutions," said Joshua Kagan, Vice President of Sales at CleanFund. "This is no exception - Solaria is paving the way for the mainstream adoption of architectural solar. And, with SolarPACETM financing, the decision to incorporate this technology is now more accessible than before." 

"Solaria is privileged to partner with the leading provider of a nationwide financing platform that makes building improvements affordable for commercial property owners," said Udi Paret, GM Building Solutions, Solaria Corporation. "Now we can offer customers a viable option for funding and installing an architectural solar system, especially important for net zero energy projects. This is a significant competitive advantage for our industry partners who offer their own warrantied 'powered-by-Solaria' architectural solar products." 


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