JA Solar Products Receive Intertek's Green Leaf Mark

公開日 2012/07/30
JA Solar 

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. today announced that three of its cell models and three of its module models have successfully completed Intertek's Carbon Footprint Evaluation program and have been granted the Green Leaf Mark by Intertek. JA Solar is the first solar company in China to receive Green Leaf Mark verification for its products.

The Green Leaf Mark is currently available for use outside of North America on product packaging, and in point-of-purchase displays, product advertising and literature, to explain a product's environmental credentials.

Dr. Peng Fang, chief executive officer of JA Solar, said, "JA Solar has long been committed to reducing our environmental impact from production and to providing our customers with environmentally friendly products. The cooperation with Intertek enables us to monitor our products' carbon footprint on a regular basis. By optimizing bill of material (BoM) selection and streamlining the manufacturing process, we can further reduce carbon emissions from our production. We look forward to working with Intertek to promote environmental awareness and establish emissions standards in the solar industry."

"We congratulate JA Solar on becoming the first Chinese solar company to receive the Green Leaf Mark," said Christophe Liebon, vice president of environmental impact solutions at Intertek. "The Company's commitment to understanding the environmental impact of its products demonstrates the value it places on the sustainability of its business and its willingness to promote industry advancements."

Mr. Liebon added, "Consumers increasingly demand evidence that the products they are using are as environmentally friendly as they claim to be. Whether for the purpose of communicating a product's environmental credentials, or complying with environmental regulations, it is crucial for manufacturers and retailers to be transparent in their commitment to protecting the environment. We are delighted to collaborate with JA Solar and support the Company in calculating and communicating its products' carbon footprint. We are confident that the Intertek Green Leaf Mark will further enhance JA Solar's reputation as a company that is taking a lead on environmental responsibility."


出所: JA Solar

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