Sunworks to Construct 1.9MW Solar Project in California

公開日 2017/06/05
Sunworks, Inc. announced a new project for a 1.9MW solar system that will be constructed at Meirinho Dairy in Merced, California. The system will allow the dairy farm to offset an estimated 90% of their annual electrical needs. 

Sunworks will install a total of 21 "Sunworks Powered by Solectria" 60TL inverters. The move will allow the dairy farm to scale its solar infrastructure in preparation for additional Sunworks equipment to be added later this year. Sunworks will work with Meirinho Dairy's local utility company to upgrade any necessary transformers.

Using Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA), a total of 16 utility meters will be assimilated, allowing Meirinho Dairy to connect meters across the facility's infrastructure and back to a single meter. The project will be supported by Sunworks, 25-year warranty as well as include 1 year of operation, maintenance, and monitoring. Construction is expected to be completed by end of 2017.

Sunworks Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile, said, "We're proud to partner with Meirinho Dairy to assist in building their sustainable farming operation, improving their efficiency and financial results for years to come. More broadly, California dairy is a significant industry that can uniquely benefit from solar power solutions. Sunworks is well positioned to assist our customers in this critical industry."

出所: SUNworks

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