Sunpreme Deploys Bifacial PV Installation for a 12.8MW Project in US

公開日 2016/09/14
Sunpreme announced that it had completed deployment of 12.8MW of Solar Panels for a utility project, as part of a cluster that added up to 15MW. This single site has already delivered over 8GWhr of clean energy.

"We at Sunpreme are gratified to be part of this large volume, utility scale project utilizing our powerful Bifacial panels in a cost-sensitive, space constrained, ground mount setting. Building upon a strong foundation of designed-in Quality, we leverage our proprietary Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) for Performance, and an innovative lean manufacturing process for Cost," said Dr. Ashok Sinha, Sunpreme's Chairman and CEO. "These differentiators have resulted in three outstanding cost benefits customers care about: (a) a higher string level AC/DC peak power ratio (b) an increased low-light sensitivity with a greater energy yield (kWh per kWp) and (c) a correspondingly lower Levelized Cost of Energy," added Sinha.

"Delivering and installing such a large quantity of these panels, with associated hardware, on a rather tight timeline was a great shared challenge. We were able to execute with well documented logistics, installation and training procedures and on-site presence alongside our EPC (Equipment, Procurement, Construction) partners," said Jim Birt, SVP responsible for Global Field Operations at Sunpreme. "Such a close partnership along with our continuous in-house Quality-driven learning processes have enabled this benchmark project to deliver a higher return on investment than the installed name plate production capacity predicted, demonstrating outstanding systems performance. It has set the stage for us working on other large scale projects with a variety of customers," added Birt.

"Sunpreme's double-glass modules provide STC outputs from 320W (60-cell) to 390W (72-cell) and 510W (96-cell), enabling high performance, cost-effective solar solutions for residential, commercial distributed generation and large utility scale markets," stated Homi Fatemi, SVP of Global Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. "Sunpreme's Bifacial double glass solar panels are ideal for extreme and adverse environmental conditions while offering increased energy yield (kWh produced per kWp installed) due to Bifacial boost, robust product reliability, higher lifetime energy yields and significant operational savings, while offering attractive financial returns for 30 years or more. Sunpreme is working closely with customers on further cost performance optimization as we continue to push the envelope," added Fatemi.


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