TMEIC to Supply 27.6MW PV Inverters for a Project in Hawaii

公開日 2016/08/24
東芝三菱電機産業システム株式会社  株式会社ユーラスエナジーホールディングス 
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) received an order of 17 units of its Solar Waretm 1667 outdoor PV inverters for a solar power plant currently under construction on Oahu island of Hawaii. The plant is being built by Eurus Energy America Corporation.

TMEIC's 17 units of PV inverters with a total capacity of 27.6MW were selected at this time. Operation of the PV inverter units is scheduled to start from around autumn 2016.

TMEIC continues to strengthen its capabilities to respond to various installation conditions progressively being introduced throughout the world. 


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