Martifer Solar Signs MOU for 25MW Project in Egypt

公開日 2016/04/22
Martifer Solar 
Martifer Solar and EEC Group were qualified by the Egyptian authorities to develop a 25MW solar plant. The companies have signed a MoU with NREA (National Renewable Energy Authority) for availing a 60,26ha land plot in Minya to build the plant.

Martifer Solar and EEC Group have been granted land in Minya, which is approximately 245 km south of Cairo and is expected to host around 450MW of solar PV plants.

Nuno Oliveira, Business Development Manager of Martifer Solar, said, "It is an honor for our consortium to have signed the MoU with NREA. We anticipate that, once connected, this project will help Egypt to combat its growing power deficit. It is both a challenging and exciting venture to expand the solar business in another new country within Africa, where we believe that our significant international expertise will be the key driver for success in the region."

Martifer Solar plans to implement the solar plant using single-axis trackers and expects the project to be ready-to-build and start construction in Q4 2016. All the electricity produced by this PV plant will be injected into the grid and sold through a PPA contract signed with EETC (Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company).

Dr. Mohamed Sobki, Chairman of NREA, said, "The 25MW plant from RA SOLAR consortium will be one of a number of solar projects, totaling 2,000MW, to be built under the first round of the Feed-in-Tariff program in Egypt. We are pleased to sign this MOU (land availing MOU for measurements) together with Martifer Solar and EEC Group and look forward to the project's successful completion and connection to the grid."

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar, said, "Egypt is a new geography for us in Africa and we are proud to see another successful milestone achievement from our development team, as we have been working on the continent since 2010. With around 620 million Africans living without access to electricity, we see great potential for our company and the solar energy industry to make a large impact in the future of the continent's development."


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