Sonali Solar Expanded PV Module Manufacturing Facility to 100MW

公開日 2016/03/04
Sonali Solar USA 
Sonali Solar has officially expanded its PV Module manufacturing facility to 100MW. 

We at Sonali Solar based this decision on our growth and dedicated customers that have stuck by us and believed in what we have to offer and we value there business. Our wide range of product line from 3w - 320w Polycrystalline modules has open lots of opportunities for more steady commercial and industrial projects. Now with higher efficiency modules in such demand we are able to accommodate our valued customers with more competitive pricing. We have grown nation and worldwide with more distributors and clients in the USA, Europe, India and now in South America all using the Sonali Solar Products.

"We do not only care about our customers satisfaction but we are also working together to save the environment and make this world a better place together. We are in this for the long haul and we believe in our product and what it can do to save energy, money and the earth." says President and CEO, Mr. Pankaj Desai.

出所: Sonali Energees

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