J.v.G. Thoma Achieves INMETRO Certification in Brazil

公開日 2015/12/17
Along their partner, Octogon Solar, J.v.G. Thoma GmbH recently earned the INMETRO certificate in Brazil, which is issued by the German examination institute. This is still in the process of being confirmed by the National Instituteof Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality in Brazil. With this, the company has fulfilled all of the requirements to sell their products on the Brazilian market.

The mandatory test was concluded at the end of November 2015 and can now be used for all deliveries to Brazil. The certificate has been mandatory for a variety of products as part of the approval procedure since July 2011.


J.v.G. (生産設備): https://jp.enfsolar.com/j-v-g
J.v.G. (ソーラー施工): https://jp.enfsolar.com/j-v-g
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