Seraphim Solar Achieves "A" Rating for Brazil's Inmetro Certification

公開日 2015/10/30
Seraphim Solar System 
Seraphim Solar announces that it has received Brazil's National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) certification for photovoltaic (PV) systems, a prerequisite for companies wanting to sell products in Brazil.

Products on the Inmetro list are certified on a scale of A through E for their quality, technical competence, and energy efficiency. All of the tested Seraphim modules appearing on the list received a perfect "A" rating, reserved only for the highest quality products.

"Thanks to strict and proven quality control, Seraphim solar modules obtained the perfect 'A' rating. In our continuance of producing the highest rated solar modules in the industry, with zero failure rate, Seraphim Solar has developed a proprietary ERP production management system. This thorough and complex ERP system makes every process in product manufacturing well-monitored and recorded; and every potential risk is technically mitigated by preventive analysis and measures implemented. Customers can even monitor the production process in their office through the ERP system," states the Global Executive General Manager of Seraphim, Justin Xi.

"Brazil will be a key PV market with local government the commitment, and their complete support and strong pursuance for renewable energies and solar. We anticipate rapid growth in Brazil," confirmed Justin Xi. "Our global strategy for brand recognition has been well received, and with our U.S. Factory in Jackson, Mississippi opening next month, we continue to enhance our worldwide capabilities for our customers."


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