Exosun to Supply Trackers for EDF EN's 146MW PV Project in Chile

公開日 2015/09/11
ArcelorMittal Exosun  EDF Renouvelables 
Exosun has been selected by EDF Energies Nouvelles to equip two thirds of a 146MW PV plant in the Chilean Atacama desert with its trackers, and to provide a complete set of services including engineering, logistics and construction support.

Exosun's Exotrack® HZ horizontal single-axis solar trackers will be installed on rocky, hilly, desert land. They will support 277,360 PV modules, orienting them toward the sun throughout the day to significantly increase energy yield.

"After a long and rigorous selection process, we are thrilled to earn the opportunity to work with EDF Energies Nouvelles, a major global energy producer, and contribute to increasing their project's profits with our high performance tracking systems," commented Exosun President Frédéric Conchy. "We‘re looking forward to proving on the field the technical superiority of our product and the added value of our engineering support capabilities. The contract, the biggest one signed by Exosun since its founding, enables us to enter the booming Chilean market."

Jean-Philippe Salomé, Vice President Industry at EDF Energies Nouvelles, said: "We are pleased to collaborate with Exosun, an innovative startup we supported at an early stage of development. The high level of experience gained by Exosun over the past years enabled them to build a competitive offer, in terms of reliability, cost and maximization of energy output. The location of the solar plant, in the highly irradiated Atacama Desert of Chile, makes the trackers even more efficient and affordable."

The solar plant will produce approximately 362,000MWh annually, enough electricity to power 120,000 homes, and prevent 288,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. Tracker commissioning, executed by Exosun, is scheduled for the last quarter of 2016.

出所: Exosun

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