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Founded in 2009, Hober Techology Co.,Ltd (Abbr. Hober) is a professional manufacturer of solar pump inverter/controller in the IEC standards and certified to the ISO9001 quality management system.

As a leading supplier with outstanding products and services, Hober has a strong Research & Development and technical service team which focus on innovation and make us be the leader of latest technology. We provide not only high cost-effective products but also integrated energy solutions.
Well-trained engineers are ready to offer customers all-around back-ups including professional solutions, technical trainings and service support.

In the past 10 years, Hober solar products and solutions are used in over 50 countries and areas, the stable operation and excellent performance are universally recognized by users around the world.
In the next decade, Hober will continue to take " Innovation, Excellence, Quality, Service " as our business philosophy and strive to be a responsible and professional enterprise with superior competitiveness.




Solar pump system consists of solar panels, solar pump inverter, AC pump and water storage device. Solar pump inverter converts the DC power produced by solar panels into AC power to drive the pump work. Hober hybrid solar pump inverter support dual power sources input. State grid, Diesel Generator, multi-sources work as complementary or by-pass, to achieve system working 24 hours per day.

Hybrid Solar pump inverter power range 1HP/0.75KW—200HP/150KW

The 1 phase 220V/230V/240V 0.75kw,1.5kw ,2.2kw 3.7kw

The 3 phase 220V /230V/240V  0.75kw,1.5kw ,2.2kw 3.7kw, 5.5kw, 7.5kw

The 3 Phase 380V/400V/440V 1.5kw, 2.2kw,3.7kw ,5.5kw ,7.5kw ,11kw ,15kw,18.5kw ,22kw ,30kw ,55kw ....100kw,150kw

Brushless DC Pumps 200W-2200W


Screw( Helical ) type:

48V 500W  HBP3S-48-500-2.8-85, max head 85m, max water flow 2.8m3/h 

48V 600W  HBP4S-48-600-2.3-132, max head 132m, max water flow 2.3m3/h 

110V 750W HBP4S-110-750-2.7-170, max head 170m, max water flow 2.7m3/h

Centrifugal(Impeller) type:

48V 400W     HBP4C-48-400-7.2-25, max head 25m, max water flow 7.2m3/h

48V 600W     HBP4C-48-600-3.2-69, max head 69m, max water flow 3.2m3/h

110V 1100W  HBP4C-110-1100-7.2-68, max head 68m, max water flow 7.2m3/h

110V 1500W  HBP4C-110-1500-8.4-70, max head 70m, max water flow 8.4m3/h       

110V 1100W  HBP4C-110-1100-3.3-150, max head 150m, max water flow 3.3m3/h

110V 1500W  HBP4C-110-1500-3.3-191,  max head 191m, max water flow 3.3m3/h

Hybrid (DC/AC Dual Input) Brushless Submersible DC Pump:

220V 2200W  HBP4C-220-2200-5.5-150, max head 150m, max water flow 5.5m3/h

220V 2200W  HBP4C-220-2200-7-127, max head 127m, max water flow 7m3/h

220V 2200W  HBP4C-220-2200-10-89, max head 89m, max water flow 10m3/h

220V 2200W  HBP4C-220-2200-16-62, max head 62m, max water flow 16m3/h

220V 2200W  HBP4C-220-2200-20-45, max head 45m, max water flow 20m3/h

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36V 200W  HBP3S-36-200-1.3-7.3, max head 73m, max water flow 1.3m3/h 

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