PV Japan 2018

PV Japan 2018


3m*3mブース コスト/m2


Ⅰ. Introduction:

Since 1987, Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA) has been striving for the promotion of PV and the growth of the business. JPEA membership consists of a wide range of 160 companies and organizations concerning PV business, including cell and module manufacturers, general contractors, distributors, electricity, public utility corporation, etc.

Ⅱ. Exhibit Scope:

● Solar cells/ Modules & Solar Cell/ Module Applications:
Single crystal silicon solar cells/modules, polycrystalline silicon solar cells/modules, thin film silicon solar cells/modules, compound materials solar cells/modules, dye-sensitized solar cells/modules, organic films solar cells/modules, spherical silicon solar cells/modules, solar cells/modules, related products, solar cell/module application, etc.

● PV system, BOS:
PV systems for residential and industrial use, array stand, junction boxes, inverters/converters, power conditioners, distribution boards, bypass devices, electricity monitors, electricity storage devices, cables, connectors, etc.

● Smart tools/ Network/ Information Technology:
HEMS device, BEMS device, DSM related device, smart meter, data analysis, internet services, system design, power conditioners, etc.

● Construction Services:
System planning, installation, system integration, construction tools/ supplies, maintenance/ monitoring device, simulation software, related software, architectonics, construction, housing/construction-related companies, etc.

● Maintenance:
Maintenance services, remote monitoring system, patrol, etc.

● Power Generation Business:
Energy supply (electricity, gas, petroleum and public work projects), EPC, SPC, etc.

● Municipality/ Various Institutions:
Energy supply (electricity, gas, petroleum and public work projects), EPC, SPC, etc.

● Finance, Development:
Financial institute, insurance, fund, estate, land development, etc.

● Technologies, Market Information:
Information on Photovoltaic products/technologies, market research, statistics, publication, academic conference, etc.

● Inspection/ Measurement tools:
Cell/ module characterization tools, energy measurement tools, PV performance diagnosis monitors, PV power generation measurement tools, process monitoring tools, environment monitoring tools, wafer/ cell inspection system, etc.

● Components & Materials:
Crystal silicon ingots/wafers, glass substrates, flexible substrates, reactive gas for thin film deposition, materials for electrode metal, transparent electrode material, compound semiconductor materials, organic film materials, organic pigment material, icles, chemicals for processes, metal frame material, etc.

● Manufacturing Equipment:
Ingot production equipment, wafer slicing equipment, diffusion equipment, annealing equipment, epitaxial equipment, electrode formation equipment, photolithography equipment, printing equipment, anode oxidation equipment, cleaning equipment, CVD equipment, sputtering equipment, etching equipment, plasma equipment, scribing equipment, laser cutting equipment, materials handling, clean room products, etc.