3rd Annual Renewable Energy Project Finance Conference 2018

3rd Annual Renewable Energy Project Finance Conference 2018

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The European Union and other European governments have specific policies and targets in order to retain the final energy consumption. The market’s big issue is how to choose investment strategies to create competitive opportunities. Fund managers and investors try to find the best way to allocate the funds. Companies involved in this business of developing renewable energy projects confront a number of commercial and legal issues that have to be successfully overcome in order to ensure a project’s success and realize returns of potential investors.

The 3rd Annual Renewable Energy Project Finance Conference 2018 will bring together leading professionals from the industry, senior fanciers, investors from across Europe to discuss the European project financing trends. The main topics will be focused on Financing Storage, Debt Financing, the European Union’s targets and policies, Energy Efficiency and Risk Management in renewable energy projects. The conference also offers a specif networking opportunity – meeting senior representatives from both the energy and financial sectors who are focusing on renewable and technologies. Leading financial and legal experts in renewable energy project finance and development will provide you with tools and analytic techniques to help to achieve your current business goals.

Ⅱ. Event Features:

● Explore financing and investment trends
● Discuss main economic and political forces driving the market
● Find out how to secure your business in turbulent times and analyse major factors affecting the industry
● Build capital raising strategies and find a financial match for your project
● Outline key issues such as project funding, corporate finance, long/ short-term investment, regional markets, technology & risk
● Learn how to hurdle the common challenges industry participants are bound to face
● Hear from investors and developers who are already active and successful in renewable energy & finance in Europe
● Share strategies with fellow decision makers and policy advisers
● Benefit from conference`s experience in connecting renewable energy and finance professionals across Europe
● Meet and get connected with leading players of the renewable energy market

Ⅲ. Who Will Attend?

● Chief Executive Officers/ Chief Financial Officers/ Presidents/ Managing Directors/ General Managers
● Investors and lenders
● Asset managers
● Projects/ Team Leaders/ Accountants/ Developers
● Investors and Lenders/ Asset Managers/ Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists/ Senior Bankers
● Lawyers/ Government Officials/ Regulatory Bodies
● Renewable Energy, Utlites, Sales and Purchase
● Risk Management, Investment & Finance, Business
● Development, Technology Production, Grid and Technology Development, Construction and Transmission

Ⅳ. Conferences Agenda:

Day 1

8:00 Registration Desk
9:00 Opening Address from Chairman
9:10 Current trends in Funding large scale solar
9:50 The EU’s New Targets & Policies for 2050
10:30 Networking Coffee Break
10:50 Brexit and the impact on the UK energy system
11:30 Renewable energy - preparing for a subsidy-free market
12:10 Networking Lunch
13:10 Panel Discussion: Debt Financing
13:50 Corporate PPA’s and almost subsidy free regimes in the renewable energy market
14:30 Risk Quantifcation and Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects
15:10 Networking Coffee Break
15:30 Financing Energy Effciency
16:10 Panel Discussion: Game-changing Innovations: New Funding Avenues
16:50 Wrap Up Session
17:00-18:00 Networking Cocktail Reception

Day 2

9:00 Commercial Models and Finance of Battery Storage
9:40 Financing Sustainable Small & Large-scale Projects
10:20 Networking Coffee Break
10:40 Dutch renewable market back on track
11:20 Financing Small & Large-scale Projects –Bank & Institutional Investor Perspectives
12:00 Networking Lunch
13:00 Panel Discussion: Renewable Energy Insurance
13:40 Review of the European Commission’s investment plan
14:20 Trends in renewable energy fnance in Europe, Middle East & Africa
15:00 Technology Risk Management on Wind Farms
15:40 CEE Region – What hinders the developments?
16:20 Panel Discussion: Project Investments in Emerging Markets
17:00 Conference Ends and Closing Remarks