Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Building 10, Lianhang Road 1188, Minhang District, Shanghai
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Fonrich is a Hi-Tech company founded in 2011 by a team of experienced experts in the field of solar energy industry. Fonrich has passed ISO9001:2008, and applied for more than 100 patents. Fonrich provides overall solutions to smart power generation, intelligent O&M and safety mechanism on both distributed and utility-scale solar power system.

Covering a broad of solar energy markets from utility-scale solar solutions to distributed systems, the main products of Fonrich consist of PV Power Optimizer, Intelligent Combiner Box, Smart Data Logger, String Monitoring Unit, Arc Fault Detector, Module Monitoring and Rapid Shutdown Unit, and Cloud-based Management System.

Fonrich takes the first market share of combiner box monitoring system in China, more than 15GW string monitoring unit and 1GW arc-fault detector. The Arc-fault detector and combiner box are certificated by UL and TÜV respectively.

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Enterprise Qualification

In recent years, the Fonrich team has successive won some honors such as software product provider and software service provider which is certified by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and Fonrich has passed the international ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification System, the products of Fonrich have successful won the EMC and CE and UL approvals.

Patent Attestation

● Certified by United States Underwriters Laboratories(UL)
● Approved by CE
● Passed ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification
● Approved by EMC
● Software product provider and software service provider

Feature Products

1. Fonrich PV optimizer A300/A400

2. Fongate smart gateway

3. Intelligent combiner box

4. Gilgal 3 Combine box monitoring system

5. Arc-fault detector

6. Fonrich Cloud-based management system

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Fonrich is one our reliable partners who provides high quality PV components in a professional fashion.

-- , Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd.

We choose Fonrich as our partner due to their good reputation in the PV industry.

-- , GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd.

Fonrich provides us with up-to-standard PV components and professional after sales support.

-- , TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a PV component supplier offering high quality products and very satisfying customer service. It is a reliable partner on the PV market.

-- , Afore New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

This brand offers really good optimizers and combiner boxes. They are resistant with a high productivity. Fonrich has a wide range of products to fit the majority of the inverters present on the market. Moreover, they are constantly improving their products. The only downside is that there is a high demand for this brand; this creates a scarcity among those who most value this product.

-- , Shanghai Chint Power Systems Co., LTD.

Wide range of solutions with high performance. Technical documentation and manuals of good quality. High functionality in the monitorization of the facilities.

-- , Eaton Corporation

In our opinion they are very reliable PV components. They have a very good value for the money. Its after sales service has solved any problem that we have had efficiently.

-- , JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

We strongly recommend this brand of PV components. It is one of the most reputed in the industry. They have really good customer service.

-- , Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co.,Ltd.(HT-SAAE)

It is one of the strongest brands in the market. It has quality and reliability above the rest. So this is the one that we always choose.

-- , Wuxi Longmax Technology Co., Ltd.