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No. 1699 Xiyou Rd., New & High Technology Industrial Development Zone, 230088, Hefei, Anhui
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技術: リチウムイオン
タイプ: 系統連系型,独立型
パワーレンジ (kWp): 3-3000
既知の販売商数 インバーター 112 販売会社, 蓄電システム 3 販売会社, チャージコントローラー 2 販売会社, モニタリングシステム 1 販売会社
Sungrow is a world-class technology provider, specializing in PV inverters and energy storage equipment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV power plant systems. Founded in 1997, Sungrow is a customer-oriented and innovationled organization focusing on renewable power generation. For over 20 years, Sungrow has spearheaded innovation in the PV inverter industry with its consistent focus on R&D. This focus on R&D has kept Sungrow’s broad product lineup as the preeminent choice in the ever-evolving solar industry.

Sungrow is now the world’s leading PV inverter manufacturer, with over 20 Gigawatts deployed globally. With 11 subsidiaries worldwide located throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America, Sungrow has its products installed and operating in over 50 countries. As the worldwide market leader, Sungrow currently has market shares of over 30% in China and over 20% in Germany.
製品 (広告)



  • SG3KTL-S/5KTL-...
    3~5 kW 系統連系型
  • SG3K-S/4K-D/5K...
    3.3~6.6 kW 系統連系型
  • SG5/6KTL-MT (C...
    5.5~6.6 kW 系統連系型
  • SG7/8K-D (China)
    7.7~8 kW 系統連系型
  • SG8/10/12KTL-M...
    8.8~13.2 kW 系統連系型
  • SG15/17/20KTL-...
    16.5~22 kW 系統連系型
  • SG36KTL-M (China)
    36 kW 系統連系型
  • SG50KTL (China)
    53 kW 系統連系型
  • SG50KTL-M (China)
    55 kW 系統連系型
  • SG60KTL (China)
    66 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80KTL-M (China)
    88 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80KTL (China)
    84.5 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80BF (China)
    104 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80HV (China)
    88 kW 系統連系型
  • SG500/630MX (C...
    550~693 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250 (China)
    1386 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250-MV (China)
    1375 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250HV (China)
    1375 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250/1500UD ...
    1386~1650 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250UD-MV (C...
    1375 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500HV (China)
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500UD-MV (C...
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500HV-MV (C...
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2K-S/2K5-S/3...
    2~3 kW 系統連系型
  • SG3K-D/4K-D/5K...
    3~6 kW 系統連系型
  • SG10KTL-M/12KT...
    11~13.2 kW 系統連系型
  • SG15KTL-M/20KT...
    16.5~22 kW 系統連系型
  • SG33KTL-M/36KT...
    33~36 kW 系統連系型
  • SG33K3J (Non-C...
    33.3 kW 系統連系型
  • SG49K5J (Non-C...
    49.5 kW 系統連系型
  • SG50KTL-M-20 (...
    55 kW 系統連系型
  • SG60KU-M (Non-...
    66 kW 系統連系型
  • SG60KTL (Non-C...
    66 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80KTL (Non-C...
    80 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80KTL-M (Non...
    88 kW 系統連系型
  • SG80KTL-20 (No...
    80 kW 系統連系型
  • SG110KTL-M Pre...
    110 kW 系統連系型
  • SG111HV (Non-C...
    111 kW 系統連系型
  • SG125HV (Non-C...
    125 kW 系統連系型
  • SG132KTL-M/150...
    132~150 kW 系統連系型
  • SG500MX/630MX ...
    550~693 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250HV/1500H...
    1375~1500 kW 系統連系型
  • SG1250UD/1500U...
    1386~1650 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2000/2500 (N...
    2200~2772 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500U (Non-C...
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2000-MV/2500...
    2200~2772 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500HV-MV-20...
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500U-MV (No...
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG2500HV-20 (N...
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • SG3125HV (Non-...
    3593 kW 系統連系型
  • SG3125HV-MV (N...
    3593 kW 系統連系型


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SG500MX PV Grid Connected Inverter I recommend this product, very reliable and supplier provide satisfied after sale services.
-- Indigost Engineering Services
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