East Group Co., Ltd.
No. 6 Northern Industry Road, Songshan Lake Sci. & Tech. Industrial Park, Dongguan, Guangdong
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スタッフナンバ―: 1,388


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カテゴリ: スタンドアローン
技術: SLA
技術タイプ: MPPT
タイプ: 系統連系型,独立型,ハイブリッド
パワーレンジ(kWp): 1- 500
既知の販売商数 インバーター 3 販売会社, 蓄電システム 1 販売会社, チャージコントローラー 2 販売会社
EAST Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300376), established in 1989, is the National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise, outstanding enterprise for Smart City and Smart Energy system solutions and Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprise (ranked 18th in Global Competitiveness Top 100 new energy enterprises).

EAST professionally commits itself to high-tech products development, manufacturing, marketing and providing all-around system solutions, including Smart City & Big Data (including IDC, UPS, precision air conditioning, micro module, etc.), Smart Energy (including PV power generation, energy storage, microgrid, charging pile, smart garage, etc.), Rail Transit (including monitoring, communication, power supply, etc.) and military supplies (including communication command equipment, military equipment, etc.).

EAST Group is headquartered in Songshan Lake Sci. & Tech Industrial Park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and has built R & D and manufacturing bases in Shenzhen city, Nanjing city, Kunshan city and Hefei city as well. Furthermore, EAST established R&D and manufacturing bases for PV modules and batteries in Vietnam. EAST owns more than 80 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries and sets up 268 customer centers all over the world, which covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and the total staff is over 10,000 people.



  • Off-Grid 10kVA...
    9~108 kW 独立型
  • Grid-Connected...
    2~3 kW 系統連系型
  • Hybrid Bi-Dire...
    3~5 kW ハイブリッド
  • Pure Sine Wave...
    0.3~3.5 kW 独立型
  • Pure Sine Wave...
    0.3~0.6 kW 独立型
  • EA5-16KTSL
    5~16 kW 系統連系型
  • EA20-30KTSL
    20~25 kW 系統連系型
  • EA5-16KTSI
    5~16 kW 系統連系型
  • EA2-3KSI
    2~3 kW 系統連系型
    3~6 kW 系統連系型
  • EA 33/40KTLSI
    33~40 kW 系統連系型
  • EA 50KTLSI
    50 kW 系統連系型
  • EA 500/630KTM4
    5.5~6.93 kW 系統連系型
  • EA1250KHV
    1250 kW 系統連系型
  • EA1MTM/1.26MTM
    1100~1260 kW 系統連系型
  • EA2500KHV
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • EA2500KTS-35
    2750 kW 系統連系型
  • Off-Grid Solar...
    0.5~3 kW 独立型
  • Off-Grid 3-8KW
    3~8 kW 独立型
  • EAPCS100K
    110 kW 系統連系型,独立型
  • EAPCS250K
    275 kW 系統連系型,独立型
  • EAPCS500K
    550 kW 系統連系型,独立型


  • Solar Charge C...
  • Solar Charge C...
  • DCSHS-12120
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